15 Minutes x 15 Days Yoga Flexibility Challenge

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This is the course you need to improve your flexibility. In just 15 days, world-renowned yoga instructor and founder of Yoga 15, Abi Carver will take you through a systematic progression of videos, designed to improve your flexibility from head to toe. And it only takes 15 minutes each day! Abi has spent years deconstructing the practice of yoga to bring you a method that you can fit into your daily schedule. She combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with contemporary biomechanics and physiotherapy science to bring you a mind-body discipline that is designed to help you reach your mental and physical goals. In each sequence, Abi guides you though a quick warm-up, a series of static and dynamic flexibility poses, and ends with a relaxing cool-down. In the first workout, we deconstruct the primary yoga poses and begin to lengthen muscles throughout the body. We then progressively work on improving the flexibility and range of motion in your calves, hamstrings, quads, hips, spine, abs, obliques, lats, shoulders and neck. This course includes all the essential yoga poses including sun salutations A and B. What you can expect: · Lessons taught by a world-class yoga instructor with an in-depth experience of yoga and your body. · 15 beautifully designed, downloadable handouts. · A clear and clean step-by-step guide to creating your perfect yoga environment. · Extensive pose library with detailed tutorials. Testimonials on Abi's 15-Day Yoga For Flexibility Challenge "I love this class! Usually when taking online classes because I get nervous taking my eyes off the screen or closing my eyes because I'm scared I'll miss something. But the verbal instructions in this class are so clear that you can do everything without even looking at the screen. I also love the non-spiritual approach the teacher takes. Lastly, I love how each video clearly states what part of the body we'll be working on." Michelle Angela Santos “Fantastic course. Bitesize 15-minute yoga. I have done it daily for weeks now and I feel a huge benefit.” Anna Davey “This is a great course and Abi is a fantastic teacher. The pace is just right, and she always seems to give instruction at just the right time that I wouldn't expect from someone who's not in the room with me. For example, just when I do not realize that my jaw, shoulders, etc are tensing up in a pose, her voice will come over and say to relax them. There are always a few minutes of warm up/wind down at the end of each video, so about 10 minutes of new instruction. I like that each video focuses on a different part of the body. I found it helpful to repeat a prior day's 10 minutes in addition to the current day's video and repeated each video several times. Over the course of a month, I find myself much more flexible and eager to move on to another of her series. I know that I will continue to practice many of the postures that I found helpful in this series as I build my own routine. Thanks, Abi!” Christi Ciccolone


Requirements This course is suitable for beginner-intermediate yogis but may not be appropriate if you are suffering from injuries.

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