15 Minutes x 15 Days Yoga Mobility Challenge

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“Mobility is the body’s own anti-ageing agent. When you bathe each joint in nutritive and lubricative flow, you revitalize.” - Scott Sonnon, martial artist Are you ready to accelerate your yoga skills? Are you looking for a challenge and some brand new yoga sequences to master? In this online yoga course, renowned yoga instructor, founder of Yoga 15, and athlete Abi Carver, takes you through a 15-day lesson plan designed to advance your yoga skills, energize your body, improve your mobility and increase your dynamic flexibility. This course is highly effective and efficient and is part 4 of a 5-part series. The style of yoga taught in this course is known as vinyasa or flow and it's fairly advanced. Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term that means "to place in a specific way". In this series of videos we practice a number of different flows, based around the fundamental yoga poses—Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Warrior 3, Extended Side Angle and Reverse Warrior. At a fairly fast pace. What can you expect from the course? In each of the sequences, I will guide you though a continuous series of poses, synchronizing breath and movement and emphasising precise transitions between postures. My method has proven to be highly effective both for my Yoga 15 students and in my own action-packed daily life. This course will become a longstanding reference for you in improving your yoga skills and feeling better stellar throughout your workweek and into the weekend! Testimonials on Abi's "Yoga 15 Mobility" Course "This was a good match for me and helped me to clear my mind and wake up each morning. When I started work my mind was clear and uncluttered so I could go through my daily tasks and prioritize in a calm and collective manner." Neil Hasegawa-Yates "fantastic!! the first thing I ever do every day is my 15 min of Yoga followed by a meditation, only after that I 'start' with my day! Abi is every day more beautiful!" Daniel J Esains "I’m really in love of the way she talk. It’s great that she film the sequence and then add the voice afterwards. I feel improvements on my flexibility, balance and strength and I really like this mobility challenge. I’ll probably repeat it. Looking forward more courses, ;) thanks Abi!" Lucía Pérez De La Rubia “This course has helped me with my mobility and recovering from some pain. From following this course consistently, I can also learn how to focus better.” Genieva Croley “GREAT!!!!” Sakshi Shokeen "I like it it s short and u can easily and always find time." Leilaki "I love this course. The mobility challenge is a great way to start my day. 've done two other courses by Abi; the strength and introduction course. Her instructions are very concise, and her self-checking tips are on point as always. I feel the difference after completing each exercise, and I see how I'm gradually progressing. I highly recommend this course to anyone who's looking to try out yoga without any of the spiritual woo-woos that some teachers may have. :)" Adelyn "Abi's 15 minute routines are perfect for those who need a quick yoga workout at the beginning of a busy day or at the end of a long one. I've tried one hour programs that seem to take up too much time in the morning and resulted in more often than not, me skipping the workout all together. Fifteen minutes is just enough to get a good stretch in to get you ready for the rest of your day." Scott Chin


Requirements This course is suitable for students who have some experience practicing yoga.

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