AI Productivity: Mastering Tools for Success in 2024

Course Provided by:Progress Labs
Course Taken on: Udemy


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Embark on an exciting journey into the realm of AI-driven productivity tools with this empowering course designed to propel you toward personal and academic success. Explore the latest technologies, including ChatGPT, Canva AI - Magic Design, Lumen5, and Stable Diffusion, and discover their benefits in daily tasks.

Engage in interactive live classes to unleash your creativity with ChatGPT for creative writing and ideation. Apply your skills by planning a college event using ChatGPT, and infuse AI-generated graphics into your projects with Canva AI. Showcase your prowess in weekly tasks, creating captivating presentations for college events.This course is full of interesting projects as well.

Navigate Stable Diffusion, understand its potential through written content, and dive into Lumen5's features for data interpretation. Conclude the course by leveraging ChatGPT to craft a standout resume, tailor it for specific job descriptions, and refine interview skills through mock interviews with AI chatbots. Optimize your LinkedIn profile, master personal branding strategies for the AI age, and build and publish your portfolio.

Elevate your skills with this impactful course and stay ahead in the dynamic world of AI-driven productivity. Your journey to success starts now—seize the opportunity and unlock your full potential!.

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Basic Computer Literacy: Learners should have basic computer skills, including familiarity with file management, internet browsing, and software installation.,Access to Internet: As the course involves online tools and platforms, learners should have a reliable internet connection to access live classes, tools like Canva AI, Stable Diffusion, and Lumen5, as well as to participate in online activities.,Email Account: An active email account is likely required for registration, communication, and accessing certain tools and resources.

Course Includes

  • 1hr 51min
  • of on-demand video