Camping adventure in watercolor

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Many hours have been spent putting this course together and making it a success is my goal. Please leave feed back when you have completed the course. If your not happy with the course please let me know how I can improve it, I will do my best to do so. This is a 'learn through play' course and is very basic.  You will simply learn how to get the paint from the box via the brush and onto the paper. In this course I invite you to spend a few days in a camping. We will take our backpacks, a campervan and will enjoy the pure nature through watercolors. Here we will learn about: simple mixing colors creating distnace we will paint reflections on the water we will learn more about highlights and core shadows on objects we will enjoy a simple starry night in the woods and we will take a ride on a campervan how to simplify and make the most of the foreground Have you ever had problems painting landscapes in watercolor? Have you struggled to paint water, buildings and people? Then this course will help you! I'll show you how to paint some of these common elements of the landscape with confidence! I'll teach you how to paint water. You will learn some simple techniques that will help you paint great landscape paintings. No matter if you are a beginner or if you have a little experience of painting, this course will help you improve. Paint Along Step By Step With Me Let your creative side run wild. Make sure you use the Q&A for any questions you may have. When you Enroll on this workshop I will do my very best to help you succeed, enabling you to reach your full potential.


Requirements Beginners knowledge of watercolour painting A box of water watercolor paints, according to your budget, I use one that is affordable for everyone windsor and newton, 12 colors Watercolor paper 200 gsm or higher density Jars with water, kitchen paper or towel, hairdryer to dry faster the layers You will need to have an open mind, and be able to trust yourself and just play.

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