Dog Behavior: Problems and Solutions

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Dogs can be our most beloved pets and companions, but our lives with them are not without difficulties. Whether it be excessive barking, jumping on furniture or chewing your favorite pair of shoes, it can sometimes be frustrating getting your dog to be obedient and behave. In this course, you will explore modern approaches to dog behavioral problems and training that incorporates the latest findings from behavioral science. This course is for dog trainers, behaviorists and anyone who wants to learn about dogs and their behavior. The course will cover the use of behavioral functional analysis to: uncover the causes of undesired behavior explore just what it is about humans that dogs find reinforcing critically evaluate different approaches to dog training survey the use of temperament tests to assess the suitability of dogs for different roles and families By the end of this course, you will better understand your dog and how to best train them based on their specific behavior and temperament.


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