Excel Magic 5 -Building Interactive Budgeting Model in Excel

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The course is presented in three parts. First, the course reveals the 3 environments forecasts and budgets are made and compare each one of them. Next, the course presents 6 challenges in budget modeling and reporting. They include: o How to accommodate Operation Team’s need to work from Excel while all budgets are in the Planning system? o How to build an interactive budgeting model in Excel? o How to write into a PivotTable? Last, we provide 6 solutions to the above 6 challenges in budget modeling and reporting. They include: o Building an interactive budgeting model that allows the Operation Team to make changes to forecasts and budgets and see the results instantaneously o Building an “editable” PivotTable that allows Operation Team to put forecasts and budgets directly in the PivotTable report. o Consolidating Actuals, Forecasts and Budgets from different data sources by using Power Query o Building integrated Slides from Excel Reports:


Requirements Basic Excel Example: be able to open one Excel file and connect to external data files, etc. Basic Power Query Recommended prerequisite: Power Query (Part 1): Ultimate Data Transformation Basic Pivot Table

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