Foundations in Yoga Anatomy: 1 Language of Motion, Skeleton

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Yoga + Anatomy & The Body Sciences If you are seeking a deeper understanding of the BODY & the relationship between the body & YOGA you have come to the right place!  This course was created for Yoga Teachers, or those going into Yoga Teacher Training, that want to have a solid foundation of knowledge in Anatomy. It is not just anatomy though, this course goes beyond naming the parts, to focus on how the body functions and how that impacts what we do in our practice. This Course is eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits through the YACEP dashboard. This is the first 10 hour course, in a multi-part series on Yoga Anatomy. In this first course, you will learn the basic language of anatomy & movement that is necessary for all future learning about the body. You will also learn about the Skeletal System, Bones, Joints & Ligaments, with special attention to how this information is applied to the way you teach yoga. The Segments include : - Why Should Yoga Teachers Study Anatomy? - The 12 Body Systems - Anatomical Terms of Position & Relationship - The 3 Planes of Movement - The Biomechanics of Balance - The Language of Movement - The Components of the Skeletal System - Types of Bones - Classification of Joints - The Axial & Appendicular Skeleton - Surface Anatomy - Common Conditions of the Skeletal System Each topic is explored through an educational lecture that incorporates slides and video. The concepts that were covered in the lecture are then demonstrated in a practice video where you can follow along to feel these concepts in your own body. There are also segments where I use the Complete Anatomy program to give you a 3D image of the bones and joints that we are discussing. Finally, there is a practice video where we find these structures in our own body, through what is called Surface Anatomy . This is a valuable skill when looking at students in yoga poses to assess their alignment and posture. One of the greatest benefits of studying Anatomy online is that you can go back and review the topics as many times as you like. This really helps to absorb the information and to become comfortable with this new language. I created this course because I love teaching Yoga + Anatomy and I want other yoga teachers to have a solid understanding of the body that guides the way they teach.  When we feel confident in our knowledge that shines through to our students! I hope you will join me on this journey to creating a generation of confident, well educated & effective Yoga Teachers!


Requirements A basic understanding of yoga practice and the poses

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