Fun Ketogenic Cooking Made Simple

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This is a simple introduction to some fun keto recipes if you are overwhelmed or bored with ketogenic cooking. There are recipes such as keto shepherd's pie, a keto pizza crust, an amazing cheesecake and even bread! This is a place to find some out of the box recipes to keep you from feeling deprived! Many times, when someone starts a ketogenic diet, they are afraid it will be no fun and they will be bored in the kitchen. This does NOT have to be the case. If you love sweets, there is a recipe for you! If savory is your thing, we have you covered. We even have a recipe for Keto cloud bread. This course is designed to give you some EASY "go to's" if you are stuck or feel diet deprived. Let's have some DELICIOUS fun! A ketogenic lifestyle change can mean excitement in the kitchen if you let it!


Requirements You should already have a working knowledge of the ketogenic diet and want recipes to keep it interesting.

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