Guitar : Self Taught Origins - Beginner.. onto Intermediate

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This unique learning experience combines the raw and fresh self-taught mindset with official, proven teaching methods - to tackle the biggest obstacles that beginner players sometimes don’t overcome for years! Always planned to learn guitar but found it too difficult or time consuming? This course is for you! Join Anthony, a wildly enthusiastic guitar player with worldwide-teaching experience, as we get you set up to cultivate a solid guitar practise. In this class you will discover: How to keep your mind, body and instrument in tune and in top condition so that creativity can flow easily. Four simple chords that will get you playing your own music immediately in just one lesson! How to play power chords that put musical creativity squarely in your hands. Inner rhythm, so you’ll feel the music as well as understand it logically. Rehearsal. Finally, we will practise a song that compiles all the skills covered here in the ORIGINS course. Also, dive into the engaging course project materials to solidify your knowledge and skills. Within these lessons you’ll create your very own chord progressions and songs! This class is information-rich with many techniques, ideas and challenges to keep you on track. Each video is packed with juicy tips to get the maximum intended effect. It is recommended that you rewatch lessons to gain the full experience offered.


Requirements A little attention and patience.

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