Guitar Essentials with Nick Liebman

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Welcome! I’m Nick, and even though I’ve taught thousands of students, earned a master’s degree in music composition, and recorded & performed all over the world, the foundation of everything I know about music and being a musician came from how I learned to play guitar: through chords . Learning simple chords helped me to: Quickly play the songs I loved Gain confidence (so I didn’t lose momentum) Begin to understand the building blocks of music Get the skills I needed to play in public with others... Whether you’re looking to start a life-long career as a musician, or just want to pick up a new skill — or anything in between — the place to start is learning a solid foundation, rooted in basic chords, with me. In these 8 lessons, you’ll learn: All the essential building-block chords every guitarist needs Easy tips for practicing, posture, strumming, expression and musicianship, and more Chord-by-chord, exactly how to play 17 classic and current songs The Ultimate Chord Progression that unlocks almost any pop tune PLUS , I’m including some bonus videos about playing in public, creating your own “original covers,” and how to stay motivated and keep up your momentum, no matter what . Each lesson covers a lot of ground, so take your time with it. Use each lesson as the basis for your practice for at least one week for best results.


Requirements Have a guitar and a love of music!

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