Guitar Lessons - Fun With Harmonic Interval Runs and Beyond

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide For You To Play Harmonic Interval Runs on Your Acoustic or Electric Guitar Harmonic Intervals? What Are They? Two notes played at the same time In previous Guitar Lessons I have taught various Single Note Runs to be used in-between guitar chords. These were all played on either bass or treble strings. And typically spice up your playing especially if you are a solo artist/singer/songwriter. In this course you will learn to play runs with more than one note at a time, adding beautiful harmonies to your playing. This is also a stand-alone Guitar Lesson. It is not necessary to have taken my other courses to benefit from this course. This is another independent skill to help you master your instrument. At the end of this course you will be playing beautiful runs and harmonies on two or more strings in various positions on the neck of your guitar. Never Played Harmonic Intervals on Your Guitar Before? Don't worry. There was a time when you did not play guitar chords. This is just as easy to learn as learning to play guitar chords. These guitar lessons take you on a journey breaking down everything you need to know. All it takes on your part is to have fun learning and practising the basic guitar patterns. These guitar lessons are presented in small manageable chunks. You will have Multi-angle Videos and pdf files in TAB and Musical Score for each pattern. Through a process of repetition you will build them up into a beautiful Harmonic Interval Run in harmony. Learn To Harmonise using  4 different Harmonic Interval Runs in 3rds or 6ths in various positions on the guitar, using no more than 2 notes at a time The Aim of This Course of Guitar Lessons? To enable anyone to Play 4 different complete Harmonic Intervals easily and simply and to easily apply them to your playing Bonus Throughout the videos I will share "nuggets of gold" -  many tips, tricks and techniques which I have gained from over 30 years experience of being a guitarist. These are all designed to help you on your musical journey of mastery of the guitar.


Requirements No Previous Experience of Guitar Runs Required No Experience of Playing Melody on Guitar Necessary Ability To Read Tab or Score and Play a Few Basic Chords an Advantage but Not Necessary Enthusiasm to Learn and A Willingness To Practice

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