How to paint hair and skin tones in watercolors #1 med/east.

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Many students message me with questions about how to find the right watercolor paints to tackle all the different skin and hair tones they encounter when painting their watercolor portraits. I have been painting professionally for nearly 30 years and in that time I have painted literally hundreds of watercolor portraits. Over this time I have developed a very limited palette of just 7 colors with which I use to paint every different color of hair and skin tone. In this,the first course in my new series "How to paint hair and skin tones, Course #1 Medditeranean/Middle Eastern" we start off in the introduction where I show you a sped up version of the course and I show you the very limited tools (just 7 colors and 3 brushes) which you will need to do this series of courses . Then I show you how to use tracedown paper to get an outline of your image and how to locate "landmarks" on your portrait. Masking fluid is then explained in detail before we dive into the watercolor painting. This course concentrates on hair color and texture and skin tone and texture using a very limited palette of colors,for ease of description I have classified it as Medditeranian / Middle Eastern. Using a photograph as reference I explain exactly how I achieve realistic portraits by using real time videos without editing anything out except for drying times .This means that you will learn,not only about the colors but you will also learn how I go about tracing,sketching and masking my work. I am always at hand to answer any questions you may have,just message me in the Q and A section. I will see you in the first lesson,cheers David


Requirements The desire to want to make your own portraits.

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