I will teach you how to play chess!

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You always wanted to learn chess, but never had the time, or need to do it? You thought, you don't like those thinking games and were never interested? Well, those days are over now. Everybody can learn chess, just like anybody can learn to swim or ride a bicycle! With this chess course, you will learn all basics of how to play chess and be prepared to use those learned skills for real life! May it be problem solving, thinking ahead, getting creative or training your memory. There are loads of more things you can develop, just by sticking to this course and learn something new. Chess is actually super fun, motivating and deep. And the more you learn the basics, the more you understand why. All you have to do now is enroll this course and learn chess together with me. Thank you for your trust, Arne


Requirements This is the absolute perfect course, if you have never touched a chess board, but always wanted to learn chess. Also for those, who want to start chess from the very beginning again!

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