Loan Analysis using Excel Financial Functions

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Welcome Everyone In this course we are going to learn financial functions in excel and their use in day to day life. We are going to build excel model based on the financial functions, these spreadsheets are available as downloads. You can download and modify these spreadsheets according to your situation to calculate your scenario. We are going to learn following functions 1. PMT – Payment 2. IPMT – Interest Payments 3. PPMT – Principal Payments 4. CUMIPMT – Cumulative Interest Payments 5. CUMPRINC – Cumulative Principal Payments 6. IRR- Internal rate of return After learning these financial functions, we are going to use apply these functions to calculate day to day loan scenarios Examples 1. Calculate Loan EMI 2. Calculate Refinancing and cash out refinancing 3. Loan points and recovery period 4. Consolidation of loans 5. Amortization of Loan 6. Interest Rate Calculations Hope you will be able to make educated financial decisions about various loans after the course.


Requirements Basic Understanding of Excel

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