SSAS - From Beginner to Pro - The practical Cube Tutorial

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This is the number 1 course for learning SSAS according to many successfull real life customer. Most times customers didn't know how to handle SSAS (Analysis Services) because they were missing the technical basis to develop their business intelligence solution. Reviews: "Very well structured. I learned so much about the fundamental cube structure in theory and also through the practical parts in SSAS. At the end I really like the Power BI cube access to achieve a concrete benefit of data analytics." - Julian Seiler "Good sessions, excellent structure. Definitely approved my skills and knowledge in theory and practice. The Power BI cube access seems to be a good solution for the daily work with data. Would recommend this videos to everyone who's interested in SSAS, absolutely worth the time." - Manuel Rothenberger "I really enjoyed this class. Very good instructions and easy to follow up. So for everyone that is exited to extend their data science knowledge and set the basis for the future." - Patrick Ebler ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my practical Course on SSAS Cube Tutorial for non techies // Power BI // Practice: You are looking for modern and meaningful Business Intelligence reports? So far, you're missing the experience and the confidence in your technical skills, to just get started? Or are you about to make a big move into a highly trained job and therefore want to improve your data analytics skills? The business intelligence market is one of the fastest growing branches of business, according to relevant expert opinions. Increase your personal value for your current employer or future companies, by convincing them with your practical, custom-designed Know-How. This tutorial is specially for people, who like to justify operational decisions on solid data with the help of SSAS, Excel and Power BI. You are going to learn in this course how to integrate data in SQL Server, how to set up your own cubes in SSAS and at the end, how to retrieve the data through modern Front-end tools. Furthermore this is not an abstract high-level tutorial, but rather a self practicing course. I will provide you with all the Files, scripts, software which you need in this course and going to show you step by step how to install SQL Server and it's components (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS). We will work with the newest SQL Server 2017 and Power BI version, that for training reasons are completely free of charge ! Don't hesitate to improve your knowledge and increase your business intelligence job chances. Learn to love SSAS and handle it like a pro. Do the first step with this course and get insights to a whole new view inside the world of data analysis! Note: In this course you'll also get downloadable source code.


Requirements You don't need specific knowledge before starting this course. No prior knowledge of SSAS, MDX or Dimensional modeling is required. Know how basic tables are structured and how to install software

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