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Mystic Flow is the final installment of The Yoga of Awakening Series by Seane Corn, a renowned yoga teacher and social activist. The first Udemy course, The Yoga of Awakening by Seane Corn , includes Body-Mind and Chakra Flows. In these two programs, students practice yoga poses from the ground up, learn foundational breathing techniques, and open up the seven chakras. The entire Yoga of Awakening Series goes deeper into the dimensions of yoga , offering in-depth training for discovering our vast potential for greater consciousness and connection. It's an invitation to wake up, find our voice, and create a better world for all beings, everywhere. All of these practices in The Yoga of Awakening series, from Mystic Flow, Chakra Flow and Body-Mind Flow, are meant to influence and inform the other. Now that you have better tools for this Awakening, what do you do with the light? In Mystic Flow , practitioners explore the realm of spirit. Mystic Flow calls us to connect with God, to creation, to our own divinity. “When we bring this dimension into yoga,” Seane explains, “our practice becomes an offering and an embodied prayer. We align ourselves for fulfillment, love, and service.” How does the Mystic Flow course work? Each session begins with personal intention-setting and prayer and then progresses into movement, restoration, mindful reflection, and meditation. Each sequence has 4 videos in total (with options for videos with music or without) Each sequence has 2 audio track options: one with intensive guidance and the other for customized, self-guided practice In total, there are 7 sequences that guide students from a beginner to an advanced practice: Beginner/Slow Sequence (30 min): Focuses on your relationship with God, or the mystery Beginner/Slow Sequence (30 min): Focuses on prayer Intermediate Flow (1 hr): Dedication to Mother Earth Intermediate Flow (1 hr): Dedication to someone who has inspired and influenced us to make the choices that we have made Intermediate Flow (1 hr): Dedication to someone in your life who needs healing Intermediate Flow (1 hr): Dedication to someone in your life who you hold a resentment towards Advanced Flow (1.5 hrs): More complex poses, and space to create a prayer that is most meaningful to you This course provides tools to cultivate awareness, open our hearts, and live a life that is more mindful and compassionate. The goal is to apply what we learn on the mat to our lives. Otherwise, as Seane says, "Yoga without prayer is just calisthenics."


Requirements Ideally, students would have completed the first course, “The Yoga of Awakening by Seane Corn;” however, this course is complete and comprehensive enough to guide beginners to a more advanced practice.

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