Stock Market Analysis & Dividend Investing with AI

Course Provided by:Christ Raharja
Course Taken on: Udemy
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Welcome to Stock Market Analysis & Dividend Investing with AI course. This is a comprehensive tutorial designed for investors seeking a deeper understanding of stock market dynamics and the integration of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies into their investment strategies. This course will give you a whole new perspective about the future of stock market investment. You will be amazed by how far artificial intelligence has advanced in the past few years to the point where you can use AI to analyse the stock market, perform sentiment analysis, automate financial report analysis and conduct risk management. In the introduction session, you will learn about AI applications in stock market analysis and understand how it can help investors to make better investment decisions. Then, we are going to enter the project section, in the first section, you will learn to analyse the stock market and conduct investment research using ten AI tools like Decode Investing, Hoops AI, Ainvest, Stock Insights AI, Finchat IO, Ask Stock GPT, Foliko Insight, Uptrend AI, Composer Trade, Pluto, and Cotter AI. In the second project, you will learn to perform stock market sentiment analysis using AI tools like Hype Index AI, FlowGPT, and Monkee Math, In the third section, you will also learn to analyse financial report using AI tools like Beebee AI and Chat CSV, the process is going to be straightforward, you only need to upload the financial report and AI is going to generate a valuable insights, even more exciting, you can ask any question about the financial report. Meanwhile, in the fourth section, you will conduct risk assessment and risk management using Gorilla Terminal. Lastly, in the fifth section, you will learn to manage your stock investment portfolio using an AI tool called Portfolio Pilot. Besides analysing the stock market, you will also learn about dividend investing and understand how it can potentially generate you a sustainable passive income. So, in the next session, you will get to know the difference between capital gain and dividend income. In addition to that, we are also going to have a case study where we are going to calculate the ideal amount of investment that you need to make to be able to live off the dividend. Last but not least, at the end of the course, you are going to learn about the importance of diversifying your stock investment portfolio. In this section, you'll explore various aspects of diversification, including spreading investments across different industry sectors, diversifying stocks with various market capitalisations, and managing exposure to market volatility.

Firstly, before getting into the course, we need to ask this question to ourselves: why should we analyse the stock market using AI? Well, there are many reasons and let me answer that question. First of all, AI can help investors to get valuable market insights and analyse financial documents very quickly and accurately which can be very helpful when you are conducting analysis. Can you imagine how long it will take you to read and analyse financial reports manually? Well, it is going to be time consuming and using AI will definitely speed up the process. Besides that AI also has the ability to spot patterns in the stock market that might be difficult for you to see. Most importantly AI doesn't get emotional like humans do. Emotions can sometimes mess up your decisions. Therefore, AI can help you to make better and wiser investment decisions that are not influenced by human emotions.

Below are things that you can expect to learn from this course:

  • Learn about AI applications in stock market analysis

  • Learn how to do investment research using Ainvest, Hoops AI, Finchat IO, Stock GPT, Stock Insights AI, and Pluto Fi

  • Learn how to do investment research using Foliko and find trending stocks using Uptrend AI

  • Learn how to do investment research and do risk analysis using Decode Investing

  • Learn how to create investment strategy using Composer Trade

  • Learn to do stock scoring analysis using Cotter AI

  • Learn how to do stock sentiment analysis using Hype Index AI, FlowGPT, and Monkee Math

  • Learn how to analyse financial statement using Chat CSV

  • Learn how to analyse financial report using Beebee AI

  • Learn how to perform risk management using Gorilla Terminal

  • Learn how to manage stock portfolio using Portfolio Pilot

  • Learn basic fundamentals of capital gain and dividend income

  • Case study: calculating initial investment that need to be made to live off dividend

  • Learn how to diversify stock portfolio and conduct risk analysis


No previous experience in stock market analysis is required,Basic knowledge in finance

Course Includes

  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion