Understanding Worker Classification Crash Course

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Understanding Worker Classification is a crash course that will help business owners learn the factors used to determine whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor. The additional bonus resources included with the course are: Independent Contractor v. Employee Self-Assessment questionnaire (one for each test covered in the course: 20 factor, IRS Test and Economic Realities Test); Independent Contractor Worksheet (one for each test covered in the course: 20 factor, IRS Test and Economic Realities Test); 5 Step Guide to Conducting your Self-Audit; 20 Factor Cheat Sheet with examples; 50 State Survey that sets forth the worker classification tests used in each state; and IRS Independent Contractor Information Sheet Form Independent Contractor Agreements for Single Projects and Recurring Projects There is about 2 hours of learning material including videos, power point presentation, and audio recordings. I will discuss some background issues on worker classification and then dive right into the 20 factor test. I will define each factor and discuss a comparison of two cases: one where the worker was determined to be an independent contractor and another where a class of workers were found to be employees. That way, you can see real situations that these factors were applied and learn common "do's and don'ts." After every 5 factors, I will do a brief recap and discuss important take-a-ways. Once we conclude the 20 factor test, I also address the IRS Test and the Department of Labor Economic Realities test. I will then go through next steps for your business and the 5 simple steps to conduct your self-assessment. After that, I do a lecture where I discuss the key provisions of the form contracts that are included in the course and then I give a course wrap up. Worker classification is a hot issue for the federal government and state agencies which have increased audits in this area. Understanding these issues will help your business get proactive and hopefully stop a problem before it starts. Please remember that the information in this course should be used as a general reference and you should not solely rely on this information for making legal decisions. You should consult an attorney for employment law issues.


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